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Early Onset Dementia

Early Onset Dementia and Young People with Dementia are common terms to describe anyone under the age of 65 diagnosed as living with a Dementia. Although the symptoms of Dementia are similar regardless of age, younger people will have different needs and require different support.

Around 40,000 people under 65 live with dementia in the UK.

Having Dementia at any age is challenging, but for younger people the issues can be greater. We provide a professional and engaging environment which really considers your personal needs and wishes while paying great attention to your feelings and supporting your family. The Marbrook Centre is situated close to the town with the amenities that offers. While there is a lot going on in Marbrook, we encourage residents to take part in the local community and to maintain existing or previous interests. Physical well being is really important, so having a gym on site provides further opportunities to maintain physical wellbeing. Psychologists, doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, speech and language therapists, cooks, housekeepers and care workers add to the team to ensure you have the support necessary to lead your life in your way.

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