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Parkinson’s Disease

Around 1 in 500 people live with Parkinson’s Disease in the UK, meaning 127,000 individuals will be living with it today. Although most people start to develop symptoms when they are over 50, 1 in 20 experiences their first symptoms under 40.

Parkinson’s Disease is caused by a loss of brain cells in the Substantia Nigra part of the brain, leading to a loss of the chemical Dopamine in the brain. An exact cause for the loss of these brain cells is currently not known, but most experts believe it’s a mixture of genetic and environmental reasons.

The main symptoms of Parkinson’s are tremor, slowness of movement and rigidity, but the way these symptoms appear and their order, is different to every person.

Parkinson’s can impact on mobility, communication, activities and relationships. At Marbrook we can help you achieve your goals and live the life you want with the support you need. The Marbrook multi-disciplinary team is professional, compassionate and enthusiastic. We have a well-equipped gym, domestic style rehabilitation kitchens, coffee lounge, cinema and outside space all aimed to support your rehabilitation, doing things you want to and spending time with your family and friends.

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