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Neurological Rehabilitation and Care Service

  • The Marbrook Centre


Where a person chooses to go to for neurological rehabilitation and care can make a real difference to
the speed of their recovery and their future life expectations.

At Marbrook we know that no two neurological injuries are alike, nor do they create the same challenges
for the person or their families. At Marbrook there is no passive model of neurological care, real neurological
rehabilitation is a team job, with each resident the most important member of that team.

Our neurological rehabilitation services are dynamic and progressive.

Rehabilitation is at the heart of everything we do and facilitated by a skilled, experienced multi-disciplinary team (MDT) of therapists, nurses and rehab coaches. Neurological care staff at Marbrook are passionate, courageous and committed to making a real difference.

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What is a Neurological Condition?

Whatever our age or lifestyle, anyone at anytime can experience a neurological condition. In simple terms a neurological condition describes an adverse effect on our brain or nervous system, impairing our movement, our behaviour and our ability to communicate. This may occur suddenly, caused by a traumatic injury to our head or spinal cord or via a Stroke (please see our Stroke page) or maybe the long term effects of conditions such as Cerebral Palsy (a condition from birth), or condition that has developed during our lifetime such as Motor Neurone Disease or Multiple Sclerosis.

Such a broad spectrum of neurological conditions makes it very difficult to predict the exact timescales or effects any of these life changing incidents will have on our lives. Skilled and timely neurological rehabilitation and nursing care means for some of us the effects can be dramatically improved over quite short periods of time, for others, we will have to live with long term disability for the rest of our lives.

The Marbrook Centre multidisciplinary team are here to support you and your family on this new stage of your life. Life may have changed but it is not over.

If you are in need of any kind of rehabilitation you could not choose a finer place than The Marbrook Centre

CQC Inspection Report 2018

A Centre designed for Neurological Rehabilitation

Marbrook’s award winning environment is tailored to meet the varied needs of those living with neurological conditions. Our well-equipped physiotherapy gym, transition training flat and the large number of domestic style rehab kitchens are key to supporting the ethos and culture of active rehabilitation. Our residential facilities are divided over two floors:

Eden on the ground floor
27 neurological rehab ensuite bedrooms
3 lounge diners with height adjustable rehab kitchens
2 bedroom transition training flat with independent access

Bray on the first floor
27 neurological rehab ensuite bedrooms (including those with piped oxygen)
3 lounge diners with height adjustable rehab kitchens
2 sheltered balconies overlooking the courtyard

Both floors have easy access to our neurological physio suite, hairdresser and cinema, as well as the dining court yard, gardens and sensory areas.


Here is a 360 degree image of our rehabilitation gym here at the Marbrook Centre


This video from the College of Occupational Therapists centres on one person’s experience of finding a care home for her mother. It outlines some important points to consider when choosing a care home.

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Neurological Rehabilitation
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