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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a head injury causing trauma to the brain caused by an accident, assault or fall, at work, home or while playing sport. Although, 50% of all TBIs are caused by Road Traffic Accidents (RTA’s). The effect of this injury depends on a number of factors such as; the type, location and severity of the accident. A TBI can be viewed as a chain of events:

  • First Injury – the initial seconds after the accident.
  • Second Injury – the damage caused by the brain being starved of oxygen, in the minutes or hours after the accident (depending on the timescale of medical help).
  • Third Injury – in the days or weeks that fallows from the resulting bleeding, bruising or swelling of the brain.

Such symptoms as Coma, loss of power to the arms and legs and speech impairment are the most visible signs of a TBI, however a traumatic brain injury can result in personality changes, changes to memory function or behavioural problems, such as loss of self restraint or insight.

At Marbrook, our aim is to ensure people get the rehabilitation they need to lead the life they choose. We have a team of professional, caring and focused staff ready to support you to engage in your personal rehabilitation programme. Having a gym with the necessary equipment on site and our own physiotherapists, OTs, psychologists and rehab coaches means that rehabilitation is ongoing throughout the day, giving you the best opportunity to reach your goals.

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