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Marbrook Growing a therapy team

Having been open for nearly 10 months now, it’s easy to take for granted the amazing resource we have built here at The Marbrook Centre, in terms of the physical building and our therapy team. These reflections crystallised in a visit by Matt Hampson and members of his charitable foundation this month. Matt, a former England U21 & Leicester Tigers prop, came to visit as part of his research for his own #GetBusyLiving rehab centre his foundation are planning to build. Knowing we had just been through this process, Matt...

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To See or not to C…CTV

Now that is the question. When we were planning our new nursing rehabilitation centre we talked at length about the pros and cons of installing CCTV cameras in all communal areas as well as outside. It is a controversial matter and a decision not taken without very careful consideration. Cons Care by camera e.g. staff watching the screen in the office rather than actually being with and interacting with people they are supposed to be caring for It is considered by some to be an infringement of privacy It could...

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Dementia patient

Stroke Care Infographic

It can be difficult to explain specific care pathways, their timescales, their outcomes, the different therapy and care team disciplines making up the team delivering them and how they mould themselves to each individual, to make them truly person centred. Indeed that sentence uses 40 words! So using the principle that a picture paints a thousand words, we have created an infographic to illustrate the Stroke Rehabilitation care pathway here. And for those that already know the Marbrook team, there is a fun game of spot the cartoon character! Click...

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Hunts Post Award Finalist

Nice to be recognised for our community outreach, as a new service, at a new site, we wanted to make a positive impression, so; When we could, we employed local and purchased local We offered out rooms not scheduled to be open at first phase to our Third sector and NHS partners for their own team meetings and training sessions. We provided free dementia awareness training to a all our local companies (including the builders on our own site) So a real bonus to be a finalist for just doing...

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The term ‘challenging behaviour’ should be banned

Sue Hahn, the Marbrook Centre’s General Manager, explains why she thinks the term ‘challenging behaviour’ should be banned in her article for YoungDementia UK. Click here to read the article.

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